2015 Crop Circle Tours

Dear Friends,

For 2015, I have arranged two exclusive crop circle tours.

The first tour is on Thursday 30th July 2015 and includes an optional extra of a private entry evening visit to Stonehenge.

The second tour is on Tuesday 4th August 2015. This includes an optional extra of a flight over the crop circles and the surrounding sacred area at the end of the day.

Please book early to avoid disappointment. In case of cancellations I have a waiting list. If interested in booking a place, please email me at:lucy@lucypringle.co.uk

Since opening my online shop my 2015 Crop Circle calendars have sold well. There is just time for you to receive them and other products before Christmas.

I wish you all a wonderfully happy and peaceful Christmas and may the New Year 2015 bring you great joy, contentment and positive happenings. 


Newsletter ~ December 2014

Dear Friends,
A couple of weeks ago I returned from Sofia, Bulgaria where I was giving a talk.
Bulgaria has an ancient, checkered and complicated history and had long been part of the Ottoman empire until the Berlin Treaty of 1878 when it became an autonomous Principality of Bulgaria. It’s capital remained the old city of Veliko including Sofia.
The powers, under the leadership and the supervision of Otto von Bismarck of Germany and Benjamin Disraeli of Britain, eventually reached a compromise and it was decided that the state should be ruled by Prince Alexander of Battenberg, a nephew of Tsar Alexander II. Macedonia was returned under the sovereignty of the Sultan.
Bulgaria eventually fell under the domination and rule of the Soviet Union and it wasn’t till 1st January 2007, 17 years after the fall of Communism that huge celebrations were held both in Bulgaria and Romania to mark their entry into the European Union.Bulgaria is a mainly an agricultural country with no industry.

If you leave the two capitals of Sofia and Bucharest, like Romania there are many rock hewn churches to be found in Bulgaria with wonderfully preserved 13th and 14th century murals.

I walked round the beautifully kept pedestrian area of Sofia, and together with other notable buildings visited the Eastern Orthodox St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a magnificent golden domed edifice that was built between 1904-1912. There was also a splendid Russian Orthodox Church but sadly it was under repair so entry was not allowed, but the golden spires and cupolas were lavishly majestic.

St. Alexander Nevsky was a Russian prince and the cathedral was built in honour of the Russian soldiers who died during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 which resulted in the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule. The interior of the cathedral is splendidly decorated with various colours of Italian marble, Brazilian onyx and alabaster and is a wondrous sight to behold.

The central dome of the cathedral has the Lord’s prayer inscribed around it in thin gold letters.The Conference was at the invitation of the Institute of Science and Astrophysics. I had not realised until I arrived that the purpose of the conference was to try and establish the existence of Intelligence in deep space and to try and get it accepted as an academic subject in this prestigious Institute. There were six speakers, Dr Roberto Pinotti from Italy; Professor Erling Strand who works at the Østfold University College, Norway; Eamonn Ansbro M.Ast, MPhil, PhD, FRAS. Director of Kingsland Observatory, Ireland; Professor Lachezar Filipov of the Bulgarian academy of Sciences, Space Research and Technology Institute and Head of Astrophysical and Space Dynamics Department; Filip Filipov also from the Institute of Science and Astrophysics, and myself.You can imagine that I found myself among a somewhat daunting gathering of mainstream scientists, so as a safeguard and not long into my talk I announced that I was NOT a scientist. However on my father’s side going back for several generations, they were all brilliant scientists and I DO work with scientists worldwide who are kind enough to take on my ‘thinking outside of the box’ ideas and translate them into mainstream science of which I have little overall understanding having come in at university level with no foundation knowledge!!

My talk consisted of facts and examples of circles that defied any human involvement, my scientific work, and in great detail the extraordinary Chilbolton and Crabwood formations.

That evening, after the talks, there was great jubilation and we all went to a wonderful restaurant as the conference was not only a success but in the follow up made good progress with the scientists from Ireland and Norway being part of the action group to set up a centre at the Institute based on the principles of contemporary science and co-creative science as a functioning unit. The exciting part of the research is that this will pioneer these protocols for the first time with any institute. A huge and memorable achievement.

It was a memorable visit for me, as I was treated with great kindness, and my crop circle subject was treated with respect.

If you haven’t got your 2015 calendar yet, there are still some left. I have received many positive comments about them and I am sure you will enjoy it during the coming year. They also make excellent Christmas gifts! I wish you all a wonderfully happy and peaceful Christmas and may the New Year 2015 bring you great joy, contentment and positive happenings.


Newsletter ~ October 2014

Lucy Pringle’s 2015 Calendar Now available!

2015 calendar cover001

Dear Friends,

In my last letter to you, you may remember that I was sending out a message to the Universe asking it to find the Right person who would come into my life and run my web site for me as Andy Potter felt drawn to go and help out in Gaza.

I would like to thank all the kind people who wrote to me offering their services. I had a really wonderful response from marvellous people living all over the globe and then from someone who lives in the UK, and whose ideas seem to fit in almost exactly with mine wrote to me. He is very experienced and full of exciting new ideas to bring my site into the 21C without changing the basic character and energy.  Also being within easy reach and at the other end of a telephone is a huge advantage.  A big welcome to Stephen Gavin.

So this is a new and exciting beginning and Steve will be introducing important fresh aspects like a modern `shop`. I realise that it hasn’t always been easy for people to understand how to buy my goods and so this will be a big step forward. The whole idea is to make the site more user friendly. ​The ‘new’ site will incorporate the best of the best of my site with a WordPress site, which has not yet been ‘styled’ to integrate with it. ​We are very open to ideas and comments so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

This is just a short letter as I am struggling rather laboriously to type with my left hand due to pulled tendons in my right hand and arm. Good exercise for my brain!!!

My new 2015 crop circle calendar is now ready. It includes six wonderful circles from this summer’s events. I do hope you will like it.  You will find all the information on my site.

I understand that the membership button has not been working; this is now fixed.

Crop circle conference 2014 followup

The summer is well under way and those of us who are Wimbledon tennis enthusiasts will be missing the thrill of hearing the ball whacked to and fro with such amazing skill and precision; not to mention admiring the fortitude and fitness of some of the players.

The Marlborough Conference which took place on the week-end of the Wimbledon finals was a tremendous if poignant success as after 20 years this was the final one; the final chapter in an illustrious history. Francine Blake has been at the helm of the Wiltshire CCSG group since the very early days when it was first affiliated to the CCCS (the Centre for Crop Circle Studies) before going it alone, ably helped by many stalwarts over the years and finally by Clare Oatley who skillfully masterminded this conference. It was a lovely friendly event as usual taking place in the peaceful and gracious setting of Marlborough College. It will be sorely missed leaving a huge gap in the summer crop circle conference season.

We have had some lovely new formations since I last wrote. Foremost is the Charlton circle containing a tripod of small triangles inside a broken triangle which in turn is surrounded by a broken circle. It appeared north of the ancient town of Malmesbury in North Wiltshire.

Please check out my web site for new crop circle arrivals.

My crop circle tour on the 6th August is fully booked but there are 6 places still left for the 30th July tour. After the crop circle visits there a thrilling optional extra of flying over the circles and seeing them in all their majesty from the air. An opportunity not to be missed.

I would like to take the opportunity here to thank ALL of you, who through your kind and generous donations,  have assisted me in keeping my crop circle photo library alive for all to freely enjoy. It is my greatest desire to continue this, not only for we who are present today, but also for the enjoyment of future generations.

If you would like to join in helping me with this effort please click here and make a donation safely and securely through the Paypal button at the bottom of the page.

Many thanks.

Best wishes


Crop circle conference 2014

We have just passed the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, also midsummer’s day. For the many people who gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate this special event, they had clear skies for the first time for many years to witness the sunrise. Many people see this as being the turning point of the year and that we are now heading for dark days and long nights but to me that is all part of a natural and wonderful progression of the seasons each one bringing its own benefits and contributions. Indeed we will have long days for many more weeks and the crop circle world rejoices.

The overall weather has been kind and even though the circles have not been as abundant as some other years, I have had a few fantastic flights and I can’t tell you how much joy this gives me and I do hope you enjoy the results.

At present I am busy preparing my talk at the Marlborough WCCSG conference.

crop circle conference

Sadly it is their finale as they will be disbanding after many years of service to the crop circle community under the leadership of Francine Blake and her team of stalwarts who have contributed to the phenomenon for so long. The departure of CCSG will leave a great gap in the crop circle commonwealth. Please come to the Conference if you possibly can as it is one of the most friendly and happiest of all the summer conferences.

Andy Potter my web master is now back again and so hopefully the pictures on my web site will be going up with speed.

Dorset landscapeHere is a picture of the beautiful Dorset landscape which will give you an idea of why my heart almost bursts with excitement and exhilaration as this amazing landscape stretches out all around me enfolding me in its magic.

Please could you support my flying if you possibly can in order to keep me bringing images for the world to enjoy.

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