Spring General Letter ~ The Awakening

I see that it is some time since I last put pen to paper (or rather finger to keyboard) and since then we have come out of winter and are now fully into Spring. Hopefully all the hard frosts with their icy fingers that covered the leaves, trees and ponds have gone.

The clocks have gone forward and as I drive round the countryside and the little lanes in Hampshire and West Sussex, I see signs of new life everywhere. Yesterday I drove round the tiny little West Sussex hamlets of Iping and Stedham. The lanes, old drover’s tracks, are so narrow that when I stopped the car to get out and take a picture, there was hardly room for me to open the door! Either side of me, bluebells intermingling with primroses and white Stitchwort covered the high banks in a profusion of colour. I have never seen the banks so heavily carpeted in flowers.

It is the most, most exciting and magical time of the year and each year it never ceases to send tingles of excitement down my spine as the land reawakens after its winter slumbers, yarns, stretches and is slowly bursting into energetic life again. The mornings and evenings are both longer and when I get up each morning, I can see that the sun has travelled further across the heavens. The birds have changed their song and if by any chance you happen to wake up at about 4:30 - 5:00am you will be treated to a magnificent orchestra of many of different instruments all skilfully blending together in total bird song harmony. We are past the Spring Equinox and on our way to warmer days.

I am checking out my cameras and making sure that I have everything ready to go as the oilseed rape (canola) is bursting into bloom and when that happens we can expect the circles to make their reappearance. We have had many events in the past, some more remarkable than others. Herewith a small selection. (If you go into my photographic library and look over the years in the months of April and May, you will find many more.) http://www.lucypringle.co.uk/photos/index.shtml

Some of the ones we have had in the past have been quite remarkably beautiful such as the large ring with seven arcs spanning the centre on 23rd April 2007 at Oliver’s Castle, Nr Devises, Wiltshire.

The sixteen pointed 'Sunburst' formation at Avebury, Wiltshire on 23 April 2009.

And finally in 2010 we had and the amazing Wilton Windmill formation that was discovered on 23rd May. It could only be seen from the top of the windmill or from the air and the week-end during which it arrived, the windmill was closed. It was a complex circular formation of twelve segments, with eight concentric lines of differing length and number in each segment. It is a close approximation of Leonhard Euler's profound and beautiful equation - e^(hi)pi)1=0

Oilseed rape (canola) is one of the easiest in which to determine whether it is man-made or not. It is a well-known fact that due to the crop having a hollow based stem, it snaps when bent at an angle of more than 40 degrees. As a result, it would not able to make the circle without breaking, snapping, crushing or bruising the crop as the images show.

I would be so grateful for any help in supporting my photography and I would like to thank everyone who made a donation last year. You have no idea how hugely grateful I am and how much they mean to me, by helping me to continue with my research and allowing me to fly and take these wonderful pictures.

If you would like to join in helping me with my quest to bring pictures of the circles for the world to enjoy, please make a donation safely and securely through the PayPal button at the side of my 2017 crop circle page http://shop.lucypringle.co.uk/funding/

I would just like remind you that the crop circle tour on the 25th July is almost fully booked but there still places that day for the amazing Stonehenge private evening visit to Stonehenge http://shop.lucypringle.co.uk/

Some people might like to take part in the Stonehenge visit only and that is fine. I will join you with my group in time to go in. If you arrive early you might like to visit the really outstandingly good exhibition at the centre and if you say you are with me on that day, you can visit enter for free before going into the stones.

I will have to close the Stonehenge booking at the end of June so please hurry if you would like to join me on an experience of a lifetime as the places are going quite fast.

There are still a few places left for the August 3rd crop circle tour http://shop.lucypringle.co.uk/ This tour will have an optional extra of a wonderful flight over the circles in a small plane. Both are wonderfully exciting days.

I also have a list of people who would like to fly with me in a helicopter. The helicopter can take three people plus the pilot so that means there are two spare seats available. We fly from Thruxton, Andover, Hampshire with brilliant pilots. It is a fabulous experience and many people who have come with me before are on the list to join me again.

I hope it is going to be another wonderful year; last year’s extraordinary Ansty formation at the end of the season was one of the most spectacular events we have had for a long time; full of mystery and magic. http://shop.lucypringle.co.uk/the-ansty-mystery-the-final-interview/

With my love and very best wishes for a wonderful spring and summer ahead.

Happy New Year 2017!

A very belated Happy New Year and may it be very good for you in every way.

I have recently returned from a wonderful holiday with my younger son Angus, super daughter-in-law and grandchildren in Thailand.

Thailand is a lovely country sandwiched between Laos to the north, Burma to the west, Cambodia to the south and Vietnam which lies to the southeast. On the whole it is a peaceful country apart from the occasional religious troubles in the south.

It is presently in mourning for King Bhumibol Adulyadej who died on the 13th October 2016. Having reigned for 70 years he was the world’s longest serving monarch. He was the only Thai king ever born abroad (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) and he was educated in the USA and Lausanne, Switzerland.

It is customary in Thailand on the death of its king for the period of mourning to continue for as long as a year. He was much loved and respected, having brought great stability to the country. He was revered almost as a God by everyone. Indeed the royal family is considered to be above reproach and woe betide anyone if they are caught saying anything derogatory about them; the punishment is harsh and immediate, resulting in a prison sentence.

Angus works for WHO (World Health Organisation) in Southeast Asia and has travelled extensively in that area on different postings.

I had not seen my three grandchildren for three whole years, an agony despite chatting regularly on Skype. It was just wonderful to get to know them properly all over again. Skyping is just not the same – there are no hugs. Three years is such a long time in a child’s life, and it was a joy to hear about their ideas, ambitions and thoughts on life in general and how they saw their futures. Mind you, these can change as there are so many options for the young nowadays and the work ethos in Southeast Asia is exemplary, so no problems getting them to do their homework etc! My elder son Sloane, from Sydney, was there too, so the whole holiday was completely perfect (despite the fact that I got a nasty chest infection on top of one I had already had!).

Angus lives outside Bangkok, but as always we went up to Mae Rim, a little village above Chiang Mai. It lies beneath the mountains surrounded by magnificent views, lush green vegetation of every hue and winding canals, all blending together, the scenery becoming a wonderful tapestry, a Natural Work of Art.

Every evening, the Evening Star Venus, led the way shining brightly in the unpolluted sky together with the other stars, which the longer I looked at them, seemed to come alive and breathe, and which have been there since the world was in its infancy.

I had first visited Chiang Mai some twenty five years ago when it was a small dusty village with one main street with small ones leading off — now it is a vibrant, sprawling metropolis, heaving with people of all nationalities. The heat and smells are still the same, some good and aromatic, some bad. A stranger could easily get lost in the bustling labyrinth of streets. As ever the food, fresh from the markets, is delicious. However, sadly a lot of the street markets have been closed including the wonderful flower markets – quite why, we didn’t really know. Luckily an excellent evening market remained, starting at around 5.30pm and continuing until late. It was full of an amazing array of goods, colourful clothes and shawls made by the hill tribes, whilst others sold fake designer goods of all description. Children and animals mixing in with their stall holder’s families brought an atmosphere of gaiety and a sense of unhurried family life as one wandered around stopping here and there. Bargaining was fun as usual for both seller and buyer and is a natural way of life. The starting price is nowhere near what they expect you to pay in the end, if you know the ropes, and my lovely Thai daughter in law is an expert!!!

We also visited a most special temple complex called Ram Poeng in the Suthep District of Chiang Mai. Thai Buddhists are all of the orange robed Theravada Order, the Forest Buddhists or sometimes called ‘Southern Buddhists’. The name means ‘the doctrine of the elders’ – the elders being the senior Buddhist monks. It was in a most lovely tranquil place set with shady trees and various different temples all with magnificent mythological beasts proudly standing guard outside. My grandson remembered being taught Thai mythology as a young child and so was a font of knowledge about which splendid beast was regarded as being the Guardian of the Rivers or another being Guardian of the Hills etc. We wandered around and could have stayed much longer drinking in the peace and solitude of the place. The Temple complexes have a special quality and atmosphere all of their own, just like churches, except that the area in which they lie is much more extensive and thus the setting carries a greater expanse of ‘energy’.

I don’t know when I have enjoyed a holiday more and I carry such happy memories away with me that when I go to bed, I feel I can open them up like a book I know and love, choosing which chapter I want to read and experiencing the joy and excitement all over again!!

I am now back and continuing to work on my book that seems to be slow in developing but which will definitely come to fruition before too long.

I have just finished my annual article about the events of 2106. Do please visit it on my website. http://shop.lucypringle.co.uk/riddles-and-rhymes/

My love and very best wishes for a wonderfully fulfilling 2017.


Christmas Approaches ~ Latest Posting Dates for 2016

Fog Bow © Melvin Nicholson

Christmas Approaches ~ Latest Posting Dates for 2016

As the festive season draws nigh, I think that maybe we forget the real meaning of Christmas. It is not simply a Christian festival celebrating the birth of the baby who was born to become an inspiration to the world, but it has universal meaning. We do not know the exact date of this event and was not until the 4th century AD that Pope Julius I set 25th December as the date for Christmas. All religions going back to Pagan times believed in a God or a Supreme Being, and religions throughout the world belief in an unknown, unseen Divine Mind, Energy or Presence.

The frosty weather continues, with the trees and grass glistening like jewels in the sunlight.

I have a little solar panelled garden owl that lights up at night and enhances the whiteness all around bringing with it a feeling of magic and beauty.

The picture of a fog bow by Melvin Nicholson appeared this week in the papers. It is quite a rare occurrence and happens in the same way as rainbows in that light is reflected inside tiny water droplets and emerges to form a large circle or arc of approximately 42°C centred on the antisolar point, opposite the sun.

I am sending you images of some of the exciting and unique gifts that you will find on my website that may just be the answer you are looking for that special present.

May this festive season bring you much joy and hope for the future for all mankind worldwide. The world has experienced difficult times before of suffering for many innocent people but I am a great believer in the fundamental goodness of the human spirit in overcoming these ills and allowing the Light to shine through.

With love and great blessings,

Below are some of the gifts in my online shop.

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Christmas Past

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I can remember when I was a child how the excitement of Christmas built up day by day. Just as the summers were always sunny so the winters were cold, frosty and snowy and sitting in front of glorious log fires and toasting chestnuts or curled up reading an exciting book was all part of the fun.

Several weeks before Christmas it all started with elder my sister Amanda and I being allowed to stir the Christmas pudding; I think I must have been very young as I remember it was quite an effort getting the large wooden spoon to move at all but I can still recall the lingering smell of delicious spices.

Next came the decorations; being allowed to help with the parents with Christmas tree; gold and silver stars, yards and yards of sparkling tinsel, fragile glittering glass baubles of all shapes and sizes which had to be handled with greatest of care in case they fell and broke, and then the crowning glory of the angel which had seen better days, right at the top of the tree.

Decorations seemed to be everywhere throughout the whole house or so it seemed to me and the excitement grew and grew.   

We made presents for our parents and relations. When very small we just wrapped silver paper round chicken wishbones and tied them with blue or pink ribbons; as we grew a little older we made mats and purses from multicoloured raffia and later we made hand-embroidered handkerchiefs and little sachets. We also made calendars and of course we always hand-drew or painted our Christmas cards.  

We always had a large jigsaw puzzle going throughout the Christmas period and we still love doing them to this day and can sit engrossed for ages carefully selecting that special piece that should go in just there but doesn’t always!

The house was always buzzing with our huge family, grandmother, Great Aunt, Aunts, Uncles and cousins who came to stay over Christmas, beds were made up, and rooms that we were normally used for other things became bedrooms, and suddenly it was all happening.

I remember groups of grownups and children coming to the house and singing carols and if it wasn’t too late we could stay up and listen to them. As we grew older, we also learnt the carols ourselves and the one called the Holly and the Ivy was one of our favourites.

I used to get so excited that sometimes I became ill, so when there were children’s parties I was never told about them until a few moments before putting on my party dress!

Christmas stockings were the magical start of Christmas day. There was always an apple and an orange at the toe of the stocking and then it was packed with exciting little gifts such as yoyos and coloured crayons, rubbers and little colouring books. Of course it was during the war, so there was not a lot from which to choose and certainly they were not filled with the huge expensive things that are now used to cram a stocking. (In later years this was also a moment of huge excitement and anticipation for my two sons.)

We joined everyone for Christmas lunch and Christmas tea and pulling the Christmas crackers was the best part of all. The Christmas pudding (which I didn’t like) was full of small pure silver treats such as silver sixpences, silver horse shoes, the silver Bachelor’s Button, the Old Maid’s silver Thimble and a silver Ring.

Christmas seemed to last at least a week as some family members had come a long way. As soon as we were able to write, we were made to write our Thank You letters within the first week after Christmas (the same for Birthdays) and this has remained a habit.

So now with Christmas approaching again within a few weeks, I have some wonderful Christmas presents suggestions for you from my web site. Special and unusual presents that can be enjoyed by everyone.

I still produce the ever popular and wonderful calendars, and you will also find special wooden jigsaw puzzles. There is only place in the UK that still makes wooden ones and they also make them for Prince Charles. Being wooden they will last from one generation to the next and they contain special little pieces relating to the subject such a small crop circles in the Crop Circle puzzles and riding gear in the White Horse puzzle.

If you visit my shop, you will also find other gifts such as fine bone china crop circle mugs and Magic Cubes in various subjects. Please do have a look and place your order in time for Christmas.

I will try and write again before Christmas.

With love and great happiness.  


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General letter ~ November 2016

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Despite the wonderfully clement UK weather, we now suddenly find ourselves in November and starting to think about Christmas and the all too frequent worry about what to give people as a present. My new gorgeous calendar continues to show stunning photographs from this year’s crop circles and could be just the thing you are looking for.

Since 2000 I have been producing these wonderful crop circle calendars, every page showing a main crop circle image plus a selection of side images, some of other crop circles and ground shots and others of flora, fauna and ancient archaeological sites – taking you on journeys not just in this time honoured Isle of Albion but worldwide – which has made it an unique, popular and special calendar reflecting the beautiful circles enhanced by these exclusive side images, all blending into a perfect marriage of great photography.

Bertold Zugelder graphics continue to grace every page. Also you will also find special monthly quotations, some ancient, and some modern. All will make you think and wonder!

It really is a perfect gift for loved ones, family, and friends old and new. The calendar is the only one produced to a very high standard with ring binding in order that it will remain strong and intact during the whole year. It opens up into an A3 format with date boxes large enough for you to make notes and appointments. It also shows the lunar information.

You will find copies of past calendars in the same much loved format on my web site; a few years have already sold out as they are now Collector’s Pieces.

So far my fine reputation of dispatching the calendars orders rapidly remains intact and I sell the calendars worldwide.

I have already sold half the calendars I ordered from the printers, so please put in your orders as soon as you can.

Crop Circle Tours 2017

I have had so many enquiries already regarding my ever popular crop circle tours, and the special private entry evening visit to Stonehenge, that I felt I should give you the dates herewith.

I will take the first tour on Tuesday 25th July and the second tour on Thursday 3rd August.

Both tours consist of a crop circle tour and then an exciting optional extra event in the evening.

I thought I should let you know that it may be quite a strenuous day as we do a lot of walking, but those who do not wish to be so active can come at their own pace or rest for a while. We meet at 10am at the Silbury Hill car park (Silbury lies between Marlborough and Calne on the A4). We will set off in as few cars as possible to visit the circles. We have lunch at a pub (lunch is not included in the price) and then set off again to visit one or more circles. Last year we visited a circle in the morning and two in the afternoon. If there is only one circle available to visit we will visit sacred sites such as the famous West Kennett Long Barrow. At about 4pm, I will take everyone to Avebury where you can wander around the stones and really do whatever you like or come to the wonderful Honey Street Cafe by the river and enjoy their delicious home cooked cakes and tea or soft drinks. It is a very relaxed day fitted to everybody’s needs.

For the optional extra of the special private entry visit to Stonehenge on Tuesday 25th July; those coming will meet again at 5.30pm at Silbury Hill when we will set off. This will enable us to enter into the inner sanctum of the stones and see the sun set behind the stones. It is a marvellous end to a hopefully wonderful day. There is also a really splendid museum at the Stonehenge centre which I strongly recommend and those on the tour with me can enter for free.

For people coming with me on Thursday 3rd August tour there is an optional extra of flying over the circles after the tour in the early evening and also seeing the surrounding historic countryside such as the ancient Avebury stone circle complex and famous and sacred Silbury Hill, the largest man made mound in Europe. This is an incredible way of viewing everything in all their majesty from the air.

Due to the vagaries of our weather, it is advisable to bring wet weather gear and strong walking shoes. Also please bring water as it can be thirsty work!

If you are interested, do please get in touch with me as the information will be available on my web site.

I will try and write again before Christmas.

With all my very best wishes of happiness and joy,


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