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New Crop Circle Photos And Update From Lucy Pringle May 2011

I have had many emails from people wondering why so little is happening in the fields so far. Maybe it is because it is still early days in the season or maybe it is because there seems to be an overall general feeling of stillness as so often happens before a great event?

I believe I am not the only one who is experiencing this sense of waiting (Not necessarily for crop circles only!).  Whatever the reason this to me is a precious moment giving me the opportunity to contemplate and rejoice in whatever we are given whilst the outside world seems to be hurtling around us at breakneck speed.

To find a place or time of stillness is a blessed gift. To find our own reality in a world of unreality, to treasure the true values of friendship and purpose of where we are going and how we are all part of each other all the world over.

On a more mundane note, the fields are in desperate need of rain and the farmers are naturally concerned for their crops; the barley is with us but not a tall as usual and the wheat is also slow in growth.

There are 2 places available on the July 28 crop circle and Stonehenge private entry tour due to a cancellation. Also that there are 6 places still available for the private entry to Stonehenge on the 28th July.  These places tend to go very fast so please get in touch with me as soon as possible if you would like to come with me on either of these outings.

My new 2012 Crop Circle Calendar is now available on my website here!

New crop circle photos have been posted on 26th May 2011 and can be viewed here

Bless You All


May 2011 Crop Circle Update And A Welcome From Lucy!

Lucy Pringle

Lucy Pringle

Welcome to my fresh new crop circle news blog! I’m excited to have this as a new means to swiftly bring you news and updates about my research into crop circles and associated matters.

” The oil seed rape (canola) season is coming to as the yellow flowers fade and give way to the pale green stems andhannington crop circle may 2011 leaves. Flying over the fields of vibrant yellow at the start of the 2011 crop circle season is breathtaking as they can be seen from miles away and are the easiest to spot. I wonder how many crop circles over the year go un-noticed? Quite a few I suspect as farmers are reluctant to report them.

barleyThe next crop soon to appear will be barley, shimmering like shot silk in the sun; this is my favourite, caressing you gently as you walk through through the softly waving stems. Please remember at all times to observe the farmer’s code of conduct. I know that people in their excitement tend to rush into the fields without thinking and realising that it is not their land; the land is the farmer’s and it is their livelihood.

I seldom give talks in the summer as I am out in the fields conducting my crop circle research but an exception is the wonderful Glastonbury symposium, the longest established crop circle and alternative conference. I am always thrilled to be there and will be talking about my latest exciting research trying to establish a link between Parkinson’s disease and genuine crop circles; also showing photographs set to music of the latest formations and others from over the years. Later in the year I will be giving talks to Groups in Bosham, West Sussex, then spending 2 weeks lecturing in New Mexico, followed by talks to groups in Wiltshire and Petersfield, Hampshire and Farnham, Surrey. If anyone is interested in any of these please do get in touch and I can give further details.

All the latest photos of crop circles can be seen from my web site


Best wishes to everyone. Lucy




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