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New Crop Circles At Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire

This `Sun Fish` formation made a just a brief and tantalising appearance in the fields. Woodborough HillDiscovered yesterday, Saturday 9 June in wheat, it lay south of Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire, only to be harvested out this morning.

I was lucky enough to capture it before it vanished. Sad as it may seem we need to remind ourselves that the fields are not open playing grounds but are the livelihood of the farmers on privately owned land. Some farmers put up Honesty boxes which is a great way forward and much appreciated. I believe everyone is happy to make contributions to make up for the loss of crop.

New Crop Circle Photo’s – Manton Drove, Wiltshire

New crop circle photo’s of the Manton Drove formation have been posted on my website and can be viewed at

I would like to thank everyone who has so very generously donated towards my helicopter flying expenses. You do not know how much your kindness is appreciated. But please don’t forget about me as I still need to raise more in order to stay in the air and I will send you the images just as soon as I fly. so At the moment we are being hit with tremendous gales and rain but soon the sun will come again and the summer will start.

with best wishes to you all Lucy

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