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Waden Hill And Stanton St Bernard Crop Formations

Dear All

After a slow start, the season seems to getting into another gear with 14 formations arriving in June and one on the 1 July.

We seem to have been battling with the elements; sunny one day and almost back to winter temperatures with rain the next.

Two new formations are now up on my web site. We are grateful that the farmer has put up an honesty box for the one that appeared on the 29 June at Stanton St Bernard. This formation has been likened to church spires; Winchester Cathedral has been suggested|?

The second formation was at Waden  Hill with the ancient mound of Silbury Hill in the background. The largest man made mound in Europe, it can be compared in size to the pyramids, and dates to 2400BC.

The crop circle appeared on the 1st of July and consists of a triangle containing a floral pattern. There are many interpretations relating to the meaning of a triangle; thought in Christian culture to represent the Divine Trinity; the Greeks, saw it the delta glyph with the hypotenuse being symbolic of a doorway giving access to other dimensions and level of consciousness.

You can view the new formations here

Sadly helicopter flights are exorbitantly expensive and in order to keep in the air and continue with my important research please could give as generously as possible. Very many thanks to everyone who has contributed to date. I am enormously grateful to you.

Donations can be made on my home page.

With best wishes


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