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Hackpen Hill And the Close Of 2012 Crop Circle Season

Hackpen Hill Crop Circle 2012

Hackpen Hill

Just as we thought the crop circle season had come to an end the wonderful cube appeared at Hackpen under the chalk white horse. Legend has it that we have to be careful of the faery folk who at full moon at certain times of year bewitch unsuspecting people to join them and share in their music and revelry inside the hill.

This whole area between Marlborough and Swindon is a magical area much beloved by the Knight’s Templars of old.

How will we look back at this year, I wonder? Did we expect too much of 2012?


Wanborough Plain, Liddington

Certainly there were some spectacular formations, the multidimensional event at Liddington and Flower of Life at Waden Hill are two that spring to mind. But to me the Cheesefoot Head `Labyrinth` was the star performer encapsulating the theme of the Olympics, Para Olympics and on a broader scale the hopes of peace in the world through greater communication and understanding not just of ourselves but of everyone with whom we share this planet; our hopes, our aspirations.

I have met some wonderful people this year in and around the crop circle community who have given me a greater and wider view and hopefully a deeper understanding of others. I am grateful to them. Nothing ever happens by chance, there are no co-incidences. Doors open and we must not miss the chance to go through them.

Cheesefot Head Hampshire

Cheesefot Head Hampshire

Maybe the hardest thing to grasp is that we are all part of each other and that we have chosen to come back and agreed to face the problems and circumstances we find in this present incarnation. We saw and agreed the text before we came back but the problem is that as soon as we arrive we can no longer see that text, it has been wiped clean. I believe we come down as individuals with our group souls. Some of the people with whom we have the most difficulties may indeed be part of our group and we have come together to teach each other lessons we needed to learn.

Back to mundane matters!!

I will be writing up my research when all the results come through and have been analysed.

2013 Crop Circle Calendar

2013 Crop Circle Calendar

My new calendar 2013 is available; so please, please buy as many as you can; all the proceeds go towards my research and trying to stay in the air in order to take photographs for the world to see and enjoy.

My love to you all.


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