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General letter ~ April 2016

Last week, just in time for the Easter weekend, I returned home still suffering from jetlag from Curitiba, Brazil where I had been giving a talk and a workshop at the Second Advanced Ufology Congress of Paraná.

Curitiba is the capital city in the State of Paraná and has a fairly recent history. In the 1700s Curitiba was considered to be an ideal location for cattle-breeding, leading to a successful cattle trade and the city’s first major expansion. Later, between 1850 and 1950, it grew. due to logging and agricultural expansion in the Paraná State (first Araucaria logging, later coffee cultivation and in the 1970s wheat, corn and soybean cultivation). In the 1850s waves of European immigrants arrived in Curitiba, mainly Germans, Italians, Poles and Ukrainians, contributing to the city’s economic and cultural development. Nowadays, only smaller numbers of foreign immigrants arrive, primarily, middle eastern and other South American countries.

It was a long and exhausting journey both ways to and from Curitiba, as I flew first to Paris, where I changed flights, and then on to São Paulo where I had to find my luggage and go through all the formalities such as immigration and customs, before finding the check-in desk for a local flight to Curitiba. The return journey was just a long but not so worrying as my luggage went all the way through from Curitiba to London. Counting the time from getting up in the morning of the day of my and by the time I got to bed the following day, I was up for a total of 42 hours each time, both ways!! Quite a marathon!

On landing in the glorious heat of Curitiba, I was met by Carlos Casalicchio who acted as my interpreter, general escort and helper. What a gem he was and it was due to him that everything went so smoothly as I had to alter my talks at the last minute and he kindly lent me his laptop, thereby saving the day!

The conference was organised by the ebullient A.J Gevaerd whose English was also perfect. A past master of organising conferences he was a genial host who made sure that everyone was happy. It is only recently that crop circles have appeared in Brazil and indeed one had appeared on the outskirts of Curitiba a few years ago, much to A. J’s delight who, having just moved to Curitiba, was able to visit it. Being a relatively new phenomenon, the excitement and enthusiasm for the subject is immense. It was a joy for me to be with such passionately interested, warm and lovely people.

I gave my first talk the day after I arrived, having slept for nine and a half hours the previous night. It was going to be an instantaneous translation, which means that the audience wear earphones and the speaker can talk continuously without pausing for interpretation, so instead of cutting the time of the talk in half as for a consecutive translation in order for the translator to repeat what has been said, the talk of one and a half hours remains the full one and half hours, I had only planned for a consecutive translation, i.e. 45 minutes – HELP! – panic stations – urgent changes were needed at the last moment to try and find extra material to extend the talk. Using Carlos Casalicchio’s laptop I managed to take some slides from my workshop planned for Monday, and after one hour and fifteen minutes, I ended up taking questions which was a most satisfactory solution and indeed there were so many, we ran out of time!

My workshop on the Monday morning which was originally listed as lasting three hours somehow ran on for a happy four. There have been so many fascinating and amazing experiences people have reported to me over the years that I could tell them about. It was another wonderful and enthusiastic audience and we had great fun as many people had bought my mineral pendulums and were interested in dowsing. Prior to the workshop I had dowsed the room and located several ‘energy’ lines but instead, the audience wanted to me dowse their personal energies during the break. (We all have an electromagnetic field surrounding us as indeed have all living things as well as trees and stones etc.). I dowsed as many people as I could before I ran out of energy myself! We finished the workshop with more stories. Carlos Casalicchio was doing a consecutive translation this time. He was a treasure!

After my talk on Saturday evening, there was an enjoyable Gala Dinner and then on Sunday several of us visited the Botanical Gardens. Driving through the city, it was a joy to see tree-lined avenues in full leaf thereby giving a verdant atmosphere amidst high rise buildings.


Opened in 1991, Curitiba’s trademark botanical garden was created in the style of French gardens. The extensive gardens contain French style fountains, waterfalls and lakes. The main greenhouse of 458 square metres, has specimens of plants characteristic of tropical regions. There was an interesting geometric layout of triangular box hedges and a wonderful hedge of begonias. The park occupies 240.000 m² in area. Sadly the weather was overcast so my pictures do not do justice to either the gardens or the architecture of the garden.


The principal greenhouse is a magnificent modern metallic structure and was designed by architect Abraão Assad in an Art Nouveau style, drawing inspiration from the mid-19th century Crystal Palace in London to which it resembles. The Botanic Museum, which provides a national reference collection of native flora, attracts researchers from all over the world. It includes many botanic species from the moist Atlantic forests of eastern Brazil.


I was intrigued to learn that the Bromelia or Caraguatá plants are known as ‘survival’ plants, because no matter the heat of the outside temperature, water can always be found lying hidden between the leaves at the base of the stem. Many people lost in tropical forests have had their lives saved by these plants. The wild pineapple also comes into this genus.

Please remember to book your places on either of my two tours this coming summer.

I greatly look forward to seeing you and sharing with you the magic of the circles and Stonehenge. I will continue to bring you wonderful pictures of the circles this summer and as always you will be able to view them for free on my web site. Please could you possibly support me? Any donations would be very greatly appreciated. Please also remember that you can come with me on helicopter trips which are unbelievably exciting but quite often at short notice. We fly from Thruxton, Nr. Andover, Hampshire, with wonderfully skilled pilots.

My very best wishes and much happiness,

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