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General Letter ~ 30th June 2016

As promised I am sending out another quick letter as so much is happening in the fields.

I forgot to mention that the Chilcomb Down, Winchester formation appeared on Midsummer’s Day, the night of the Strawberry Moon. Some 12,000 people thronged to Stonehenge to witness the sunrise and renew the energy of the land and its crops. They were blessed with good weather.

Solstice derives from an ancient Latin word ‘solstitium’ meaning ‘stop’ or ‘sun stands still’.  For the first time since 1967 the summer solstice coincides with a rare ‘strawberry’ moon with possibility of bringing 17 hours of sunlight.

It is an extremely rare event. The Algonquin tribes of North America believed June’s full moon signalled the beginning of the strawberry picking season. This event in the Northern Hemisphere is sometime also called the Rose Moon, the Hot Moon and the Honey Moon, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere it is known as the Long Night Moon.

Being such a sacred and ancient place, people have gathered at Stonehenge and celebrated the solstice for thousands of years. We are told that the day is considered to be sacred by many pagans around the world who celebrate the solstice among their yearly holidays and sometimes call the festival Litha, a term dating back to the Venerable Bede for the months of June and July.


As the land warms up after the long days of winter, the summer solstice is a time of joy and jubilation as the crops planted earlier start growing repaying days of toil; the seeds that were planted in the fields bringing forth promise of their forthcoming abundance and making all the hard work worthwhile. Being the longest day of the year, it is a time of light not just literally but a time of Light in our souls. It is the time of Celebration when we renew our Inner Light; a renewal; a time when the sun washes away the dark days and enters our being.  A time of Love and gratitude and growth.

The circle at Chilcomb Down seems to be showing us a glorious abundance of petals, maybe a reminder that our souls can open with joy just like the petals.

The next event came with a complex circle at Hackpen, Wiltshire close to the ancient chalk white horse.
James Hussey has kindly opened his field to visitors yet again. Almost two years ago James’s lovely wife, Gill lost her hard fought battle against breast cancer and James set up a charity in her memory to raise money to equip a breast screening radio therapy unit to be built on the site at the Great Western Hospital, Swindon, as the closest unit was in Oxford and for Gill and others to have to travel many hours for a daily treatment lasting a few minutes each time over a period of six weeks was altogether too exhausting and draining. This is a really splendid and worthwhile Charity worthy of support. Since then the Charity has raised £750,00 against a total target of £2.9 million.  Brighter Futures who are running the appeal tell me that to date ‘we have received support from companies in Swindon such as Sainsbury’s Stratton and TE Connectivity.  Staff at other companies including Corporate Events, Arval, Jury’s Hotel, Nationwide and Santander have all supported the appeal by fundraising for us.’

‘Many schools, nurseries and centres for learning have also adopted us as their chosen charity for the year, as have many other smaller organisations such as churches, local groups and WI’s and Rotary Groups.  To find out the latest news about what we are doing with the help of local people visit our website on’


The circle is a strange one, depicting fishes and sharks.  To me its meaning is complex and I am sure others will find many varying interpretations. Certain sharks with their open jaws full of terrifyingly sharp teeth can be regarded as aggressive, fearsome beasts whereas fishes, the symbol of Christianity signal love and peace and harmony. Yet despite whales being mammals, they both share the same environment, the oceans.  We live in changing times and maybe in the two opposites we are being shown the need reconciliation, for that is just what we urgently require worldwide, particularly just at this time in this Sacred isle of Albion after all the bitterness of our referendum to stay or leave the EU. Tempers have run high and great divisions have been created even among families. Maybe the shark and fish depicted as swimming together are showing us the way to forget our differences and how we all need to work together towards the Greater Good for everyone. I like to think of this circle as being a personifying messenger of healing and unification.


As a reminder, I still have few Stonehenge tickets left so please hurry if you would like to join me for the private entry evening visit on the 28 July.

Also I have a list of people who would like to fly with me in a helicopter and earlier this week I took up Mona de Silva and we had a wonderful evening flight over the Tichfield,  Hampshire formation. She was thrilled to bits with the experience. The helicopter can take three people plus the pilot so that means there are two spare seats available. We fly from Thruxton, Andover, Hampshire with brilliant pilots.


May you have joy and happiness in your heart.

All very best wishes,


General Letter ~ Midsummer 2016

I am delighted to be able to give you news of more circles. There has been a slow start of the season but it looks as though things are just beginning to hot up. Since I last wrote we have had four new circles and the Silbury Hill circle has developed into a pretty pentagram with five overlapping arcs surrounding a flattened ringed circle.


In June, the first to appear was a curious event on the 6th June consisting of a series of double arcs surrounding a rhombus. The first one of the season in young wheat. It lay beneath Castle Hill close to the town of Mere, South Wiltshire. This castle has an ancient and interesting history, and dates back to 1253 when it was built as a medieval fortification by Richard, the Earl of Cornwall, brother of Henry III. It was clearly a splendid building, built in stone, and sporting six towers, with a hall, inner and outer gate, a deep well and a chapel. Over the years its importance declined and by the 1600’s the stonework had been removed and reports suggest that it was reused for building the town of Mere in the same way some of the stones at Avebury were used in the construction of houses in the village. It is now completely abandoned and only the earthworks remain. It is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.


We were lucky with the weather as the sun was patchy, but the sun gods were kind and I had a wonderful flight taking two friends with me. We were also able to photograph another circle close by at Willoughby Hedge that had appeared the previous day, 5th June – a decagram inside a ring with a wide rimmed flattened centre. It was in barley, the first crop to grow high enough to take an imprint apart from the yellow flowered canola.


Next to come was another circle that appeared again on the Wiltshire-Somerset borders on the 16th June. A stunning circle in barley with a wide outer rim containing hieroglyphs. It seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, nestling close to a wood and just south of Wyle. The light was perfect.

Yet another circle has arrived, this time in Hampshire, and as I write this letter I am hoping to get a flight as soon as possible as it lies on Peverell Bruce’s land and he has a deep and profound hatred of this phenomenon unlike his father who was so fascinated by the circles that one night he posted men all around the large natural amphitheatre at Cheesefoot Head to watch out for any activity. They saw and heard nothing yet in the morning, there lay a brand new circle in the bottom on the amphitheatre!

I will write to you again shortly to keep you up to date with all the latest activity and may. Please remember to book your places for the wonderful private entry evening visit to Stonehenge and your places on my exciting crop circle tours. All the information is on my web site.

All very best wishes,


P.S. I flew last night over the Chilcomb Down formation near Winchester, Hampshire not far from where I live, and I include a few images. Please visit my website for more information.



General Letter ~ 3rd June 2016

Yippee, at last, I can write and tell you about a crop circle. I was able to fly yesterday evening, the weather was perfect and we were so lucky as the rest of the week looks bleak for flying. It was a glorious summer’s evening, and my son who is on holiday from Australia and a cousin joined me. They have been talking about it ever since, as not only did we fly over the circle but also over the famous and sacred Silbury Hill and Avebury stone complex. It was John Aubrey who said that ‘If Stonehenge is a church, Avebury is a Cathedral’.

Flying in a helicopter is a tremendous thrill, and the experience of a lifetime for many people as so often we fly over not just the wonderful crop circles but also archaeological remains and/or sacred places. It is also a joy to see the tapestry of the breathtakingly beautiful countryside stretching all around you and to realise that our precious little island is still not completely covered in concrete despite the spreading invasion of thousands of new houses.

I have a list of people who would like to fly with me and if you would like your name added to my list please let me know giving me your landline and mobile numbers, and also where you live and if you are available at short notice or not.

Also, please remember to book your places on one of my tours on the 28th July or 3rd August. The amazingly exciting and deeply moving Stonehenge private entry visit on the 28th July when we will see the sun set behind the stones still has some places available. This again is often a once in a lifetime experience.

I would love to take you round the circle/s and for you to experience their special and unique energies.

With my best wishes of great happiness for you. Let us hope that we will have really wonderful summer ahead of us.

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