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General letter ~ August 2016

I cannot believe that so much time has passed since I last put pen to paper. This summer seems to have gone by in a flash. Its mixture of wonderful sunshine and pouring rain has made it difficult at times, but then hey ho, I was born and bred in this wonderful island so should know what to expect!!!

The scientific research day went off successfully. Tests were conducted and whilst I am still awaiting some of the results, others have come in and I will write a full report in my annual article. We conducted the test in the Avebury Study Centre initially and then proceeded to the fish formation on the top of Hackpen Hill. Further tests were conducted some distance away from the circle. These three tests are focusing on the temporary relief of Parkinson’s disease. They are then analysed and compared.
Over the summer we have had some interesting formations, many appearing in the southern part of Wiltshire bordering Dorset, a couple in Surrey, and joy of joys, five in my home county of Hampshire. This county played host to many circles in the early days so I was especially happy to welcome them back. Amongst my favourite of the whole summer was one in barley at Tichborne Hampshire. Whereas it might look simple, its geometric harmony was a joy. I visited it after climbing over a six-barred gate.

Another Hampshire circle was this one just before the Boomtown Film & Music Festival. I photographed it at Cheesefoot Head late one glorious summer’s evening, hence the unusual light.
I also took two groups round the circles. As always we had a wonderful time and everyone enjoyed themselves. Several people have been coming with me for years and come back as treasured regulars. It is always lovely to see familiar faces as others just come and go, and I only have the pleasure of being with them briefly. The first tour ended with an optional evening visit to Stonehenge. It had been a day of sun and showers and when we arrived the sun was shining on the stones with a threatening black sky behind. Indeed it did rain but it did not spoil the magic of the circles. In fact quite the reverse, as I felt the soft summer rain was nurturing and blessing the stones. The second tour finished with an optional extra of a flight over the circles which is a fantastic and exciting way of seeing the circles, and the surrounding countryside including the wonderful stone circle at Avebury.

I have taken many photographs this summer and the expense has been enormous. You might like to make a small contribution towards keeping me in the air to bring everyone the joy and wonder of seeing this amazing phenomenon.

I have a question for you – please could you tell me if you find it easy to access my pictures on my website as someone just recently told me that they had experienced difficulties in so doing and any suggestions would be helpful.

As the season progressed the complexity of the circles seemed to increase, and this year was no exception. The circle on the top of Cherhill Hill being one of them. Unfortunately the farmer would not allow anyone in, but a few people did visit it and were lucky not to be caught. One told me that it was especially interesting to see how it lay on a slope and yet does not give that impression from the air.
I did not expect any more circles to arrive. I was preparing my lovely calendar for next year, containing pictures of this year’s events, and rushing to get it to the printers, when what should happen but two more formations appeared. This phenomenon has its puckish side, with circles appearing just when you least expect them. In fact, most fields are already harvested! The most astounding is the one at Ansty (Mothership) that arrived several days ago, lying snugly in a field between Salisbury and Shaftesbury. It has taken the world by surprise, and a few days ago I did a TV interview with UFO/Crop circle researcher Jaime Maussán who had flown especially from Mexico (sub titles in English). The circle’s location was in a field close to a Pick Your Own farm shop. It wasn’t there in the evening but was there the next morning. It is one of the largest of the year and certainly the most complex. It has caused a tremendous stir world-wide. It is enormously complicated and its meaning seems to be to be multidimensional. I will write about it more fully in my annual article.
I always think that crop circles, or at least some of them, speak to you. And whereas this one was welcoming and happy when I visited it and seems to asking us to enter, it wasn’t until I was in bed that night and thinking about it that the word ‘didactic’ suddenly popped into my head. This happened to someone else several years ago when looking at my images. In the dictionary it says ‘didactic’ is ‘designed or intended to teach… …intended to convey instruction and information as well as pleasure and entertainment’ – brilliant! A friend also found that there were 33 little clumps in the design around the outer edge of the circle. I know that number 3 is a sacred number but I needed to learn more, so I got up in the middle of the night to research further meanings behind number 3 and what I found seems just so beautiful: ‘The number 3 refers to The Trinity, and means that you are receiving divine protection, help, and guidance. In most cases, if you are seeing a lot of 3’s, this is an ‘Angel Number’ a sign that you have a close connection to Jesus, the Son in the Holy Trinity. 33 means that Jesus is with you and helping you.

Number 33 is a ‘Master Number’ (Master Teacher) and resonates with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage. Number 33 tells us that ‘all things are possible’. 33 is also the number that symbolises ‘guidance’. So the more I think about it, the more I believe that the formation is so complex in its multidimensional layering that more glimpses of understanding will reveal themselves as time goes by. Maybe the circle is an Awakening?

I am giving my annual Crop Circle talk at Petersfield Community Centre, Petersfield, on Saturday 15th October. Doors open 6.30pm and my talk will start promptly 7.30pm. Please do come if you can.

My wonderful new crop circle calendar will be ready in the middle of October and I have already received many orders, so please remember to place yours in good time. It will be a beautiful one.

With love and blessings

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