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Magic of the Circles ~ 2017 Calendar


Lucy Pringle’s 2017 Crop Circle Calendar

As I write, my 2017 calendar is being printed. It is more beautiful that ever and will be ready in mid-October. Please remember to place your order in good time.

In the meantime my latest video, containing all the crop circles I photographed in 2016, is on YouTube at I hope it will bring you great joy and happiness as you view our countryside from the air, and occasionally from the ground.

The circles give off vibrations and frequencies, and you may find some will take you to other levels of consciousness, giving you to access to higher dimensions. Several people have told me that certain problems in their lives have been resolved whilst watching these images, giving them a clearer picture of the directions they should take.

I would like to thank everyone who made a donation last time. You have no idea how hugely grateful I am and how much they mean to me, by helping me to continue with my research and allowing me to fly and take these wonderful pictures.

With love and blessings

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